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Below are some lovely comments from visitors to the Coalface Experience. If you have visited the Coalface and you loved it, please add your comments below.

  1. Jessie Pawson

    Year 1/2 and I from St John Bosco absolutely loved our Coalface Experience. Doug Bachelor was so informative and friendly, and the experience has really helped the students and I understand the mining lifestyle of the 1950′s, and have helped us to remember what a tragic loss it was for our community.

  2. Marcus Ellison

    Brilliant! Learned a lot about the old mining ways and about the people who used to work in the mines. Really enjoyed it, Thanks!

  3. Margaret Stening

    My father and grandfather were miners here. James and Michael Mchugh. Great to see what happened in the mines. However, would like to see more photos and news papers going back to 1920 etc.

  4. Damian Cooke

    An absolute tremendous tribute, the 3 bells show was one of the most moving experiences one could witness. Thanks to all

  5. Mark & Wilma Littler

    Very impressive, good to have time to see the exhibits and not be pushed through by electronics pushing too many buttons. A moving and worthwhile experience. Well done

  6. Donna

    Such a great experience for young and old. Brings home the true meaning of “Cost of Coal”. I am so glad I can be a part of this amazing experience. Looking forward to working with the rest of the committee.

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